Why the .com domain is the only extension you should focus on …

In the early days of the internet it was still possible to register short domain names or even existing words with the .com extension. With the increasing number of digital companies that wanted to represent their products and services online, the supply of good domains also became smaller and more expensive.

Whoever wants to register existing words or good sounding names these days often has to pay greater amounts for it. Many people already know that it is not easy to register high-quality names and therefore fine domains immediately generate greater trust among the target group.

.com domains build up trust

Currently more than 250 domain extensions exist worldwide – this confuses many people and new or experimental domain names will make it harder for people to remember the website. Moreover they could end up visiting the wrong website. When I started with my own company brand name Brandmore I heard that several people tried to visit the domain Brandmore dot com which I didn’t own at that time. This showed me personally how important it is to own the .com domain and I finally acquired the domain a few months later. 

A premium domain name is an asset

If you buy a domain name for the current market value and if you might want to sell it in the future you can sometimes even profit from your investment in the long run. Furthermore you will make it harder for competitors in your own industry or in other branches to start their business with a similar name.

If you have a premium domain you might also have several people that visit your website monthly through direct type-ins. Furthermore if there already is another company with a similar name in another industry you might also have people who visit your website by mistake and they could even become your own customers. This possibly leads to the situation that you need less marketing expenses than before. Please be aware of the fact that you should check that you do not infringe existing registered trademarks by using your brand name in your industry.

Feel free to send me a message to info@brandmore.de if I can help you to find a good brand name for your future projects or if you need help to acquire a specific .com domain.

What is your opinion concerning domain extensions?